"KASSITA" is an artistic project founded by a young artist named Youness Miloudi, this project consists of a variety of artistic works (paintings, installations, performances...).

The objective behind Kassita project is to best represent the cultural and artistic diversity of many music artists in a number of regions in the kingdom of Morocco. Conceptually, the idea behind the name KASSITA is drawn from various works realized by the artist Youness Miloudi in the form of portraits of different musical artists. These artistic works are mainly composed of vintage audio cassettes which our young artist has been collecting ever since he conceptualized his artistic vision. Therefore; audio cassettes in this concept symbolize two art forms and they represent a juxtaposition of two artists, the painter and the artist crafted on the audio cassettes. Thus, audio cassettes are used as a support to mix between two elements, music and art.

Youness expresses himself using brushes and colours to glorify distinguished artists from different regions, cultures and musical styles, astonishing our eyes and imagination.

The audio cassette was first released in the early 60s near the release of vinyl records which were released in the 50s. In the same era, art was flourishing and expanding significantly with a set of artistic phenomena intimately linked to the spirit of this era, the essence of a large cultural movement of the 1960s. The release of audio tapes was synchronized with the rise of POP ART, an art movement that began in the U.S. in the 1950s and reached its peak of activity in the 1960s. This explains the choice of style for the realization of the paintings of KASSITA projects. Youness Miloudi has found the perfect combination in KASSITA project to unite between different art forms: music and its magic, painting and its charm, installations, and its wonders, performance and its sincerity. Youness combines all of these elements in order to guarantee us an extraordinary journey towards the discovery of music, culture and artistic ancestors through a set of paintings and realizations.

Finally, our vision is to continually produce artworks of different artists from diverse cultures, infused with a spirit of creativity, innovation, inspiration and self-expression. Additionally, we seek to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present, in an environment that is responsive to the issues of modern and contemporary art and music.